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Message added by: somya (04 Oct 2014)
Message added by: Debra Batiste (22 Sep 2014)
You have some good points there. I did my own search on the area and found the majority people will see eye to eye with your weblog. Thanks once more for taking the time to put this online. I unquestionably liked every bit of it
Message added by: CIPTO (02 Jun 2014)
Hi Alan, great to hear you on the Wednesday Night Rockin' Party Radio Show last week. Always interesting, listening to what you have to say. Thanks for all you do for the scene & for all your hard work. Congratulations on running your record label for 10 years now & reaching the success you have reached so far. Well done Superstar! lol. Janie - Crondall r 'n' r club :)
Message added by: Janie (16 May 2014)
Hi Alan great meeting you last night on steves show. Thanks for the info and links. regards stepy
Message added by: stepy (08 May 2014)
Hi Alan, two big thanks to you from germany. First for your Sharks Album "Phantom Rockers" with it's superp artwork and photoshots. As it was released in the early 80's i grabbed my record, went to the barber shop and .... took a razor to my head. My dad liked it so much that he packed a suitcase for me in order to kickin' me out... ;-) Second for producing the Epileptic Hillbillys! A great band, great recordings, real cool psychobilly and no boring metal-based shit. Best regards. Karsten
Message added by: Karsten (25 May 2013)
Hi Friends, RockinĀ“regards from Barcelona (Catalonia). Dj EddieCesc
Message added by: Francesc Josep (06 May 2013)
Billy Lee Riley Guitar for sale.
Message added by: Billy Lee Riley Fan (27 Jan 2013)
Hey Alan. Fantastic time recording "Son of Satan" last week, thanks man. Can't wait to see it out there.... MD
Message added by: MadDog (27 Aug 2012)
only just found out about you guys! hoping to record with you, cos the sound you got is amazing!and the set up.... you've got some great bands on your site too!
Message added by: Temporary Mind (20 May 2012)
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