Rockabilly and Psychobilly - Live at The Klub Foot - The Highliners

Live at The Klub Foot - The Highliners
Here's our fourth re-mixed, reclaimed album from the rubble of the legendary Klub Foot - London's Psychobilly Mecca of the 1980's.

The Highliners put in a fantastic set which is fun, fun fun and this recording captures the spirit of their live show perfectly.

    1.     Folsom Prison Blues           

    2.     Wild Thing                          

    3.     Grave Digger Stomp           

    4.     Surfer Jones                       

    5.     Benny Hill Boogie               

    6.     Surfin Bird                         

    7.     Somethin' Else                   

    8.     Dentist Song                      

    9.     Scooter Dad                       

    10.    Come Dancing                  

    11.    Henry The Wasp                

    12.    Wooly Bully                       

    13.    Wipe Out                           

    14.    Rock n Roll Part 1              

    15.    Bound For Glory                 

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