Rockabilly and Psychobilly - Wayne Beauchamp - Website and CD Design


I've always been into art and design encouraged by my great grandfather who was a signwriter.  I started making designs for posters and demo tapes for the band I was in when I was at school in the mid eighties. 
The designs I have created have ended up on basses, cars, bikes and tattoos. I've played for a few bands who have had reasonable success in their own ways like playing guitar/vox with Dawg House, drums with Shock Therapy, guitar/vox with V8 Rumble and slap bass with The Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo. All of whom have had albums realeased which I have produced the covers for.
I have had many great recording sessions at Western Star as part of many of the bands I've been in although it's become increasingly difficult to find the time lately with the amount of other stuff on the go!
I don't really have any big ambitions for the future, it's great to be associated with the music scene which has been part of my whole life ( I was bought up on rockabilly by a father who also played in bands ).