Rockabilly and Psychobilly - Sleaze~a~Billy! - Jack Rabbit Slim

Sleaze~a~Billy! - Jack Rabbit Slim
  1. Jeeze Louise
  2. The Man Who Counts
  3. Lula Mae
  4. Kitten With A Whip
  5. Dragstrip
  6. Bop Attack
  7. Black Dog
  8. A Devils Heart
  9. Hightone Woman
  10. Queen Bee
  11. Wild Wild Party
  12. Cars
  13. Gypsy Curse (video)

The Kings of Sleaze return with this their second album. The band won an award for outstanding sales and it has been the best seller of all time on the Western Star label. See also Jack Rabbit Slims other Western Star albums in the accessories below.

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